Our Three Peak team


Commelius’s Three Peaks Challenge was Rich’s brainwave and he’s been planning the adventure for quite some time. So he’s the one to blame for everyone’s aches, pains and lack of sleep!

In his role as an ALTO operational support analyst at Commelius, Rich is used to solving problems and supporting others plus he’s a keen rugby player - probably the perfect team leader for the Three Peaks Challenge!

If you think Rich is the man for the job of leading everyone up three mountains, then please spare any cash and give to Mencap, to help them continue the fantastic work they do.


Andrew likes to spend his lunch breaks running around London so we’re hoping he has the stamina to scale the three highest mountains of Scotland, England and Wales!

Although he’s a bit of a video game geek, Andy’s also a big fan of camping, the great outdoors and taking road trips. Plus, having already climbed Scarfell Pike � one of the Three Peaks - last year, he’s in tip top shape to take on the other two.


Luisa doesn’t consider herself as the most sporty of people and is asking herself why on earth she agreed to climb three of the highest mountains in the UK in 24 hours!

But the thought of working together as a team, achieving a personal goal and raising money for a great charity appealed to her - even if there will be a few tantrums on the way!

Luisa promises to keep her post-challenge moaning to a minimum - so please sponsor her and donate whatever you can to a worthy cause!


With a love of the outdoors and a particular fondness for mountains, Carl was looking for a new challenge. The team aspect of the Three Peaks expedition appeals to him and he’s especially looking forward to pushing his limits while raising much needed funds for a good cause.

To see Carl reaching those limits and the peaks of three mountains, sponsor him and give to Mencap!


Graham is hoping that donations of muscle rub, band-aids and Kendal mint cake will help him scale the three peaks...and get back down again!

As an e-learning designer at Commelius, he’s used to taking on large-scale projects but this will be his toughest challenge yet.

If you�d like to sponsor Graham and give him that extra bit of motivation, please dig deep and donate!


Mark joined the team at Commelius five years ago after 22 years in the Army but it seems like he just can�t get away from the hills. He’s looking forward to getting the compass out again and dusting off the map case, safe in the knowledge that there isn’t a scary physical training instructor joining us...or is there?

Mark enjoys fishing and model engineering these days so the question is: has he still got the fitness and the grit to complete this gruelling challenge? If you think he has then please spare a little cash and give to Mencap, to help them to continue doing a fantastic job.