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In today’s always connected world, competitive advantage is at best a short-lived luxury. So how do you ensure your sales team are maximising this window of opportunity ahead of the market?

Join Simon Busby, a leading sales training expert within IT and telecoms, on an exclusive webinar looking at the innovation in learning technologies. He’ll explore how growing sales organisations, including American Express, are placing them at the heart of their sales strategies to:

  • deploy learning significantly faster
  • reinforce learning and make sure it’s applied on the job
  • reduce costs by placing existing materials and experts at the heart of sales training
  • extend learning into the channel and your customers

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Foundations for Success

How leading sales organisations are staying ahead of the competition by making learning technologies an integral part of new product launches and on-going sales

Creating competitive advantage at American Express

A case study showing how, as part of a rapid global product launch, Amex used a blended learning approach to significantly reduce sales downtime and improve knowledge uptake.

Innovation for the Future

Learning technologies for direct and channel sales teams can dramatically cut costs and improve results by using social learning and collaborative online techniques

Q&A Session

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