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The virtual classroom solution - the future of learning

Discover the future of learning and how virtual classrooms could save your organisation more money at a time when we are all feeling the pressure on our budgets.

Discover how you can learn live online in CloudRooms™ - the cloud based training solution.

Moving training to the cloud

CloudRooms™ is Commelius Solutions’s revolutionary new virtual classroom solution that delivers live online learning anytime, anywhere, moving learning into the future. The bricks and mortar training centres of today are evolving into the virtual training centres of tomorrow and we are here to help you with that transition.

By providing the software and services to help organisations deliver training online, we enable our clients to reduce their training spend and remove travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

What is a virtual classroom?

It is a virtual copy of a normal classroom setting. This means there are the usual components of learners attending the training, a live instructor presenting the materials, break out rooms, course notes and joining instructions. The difference is that there is no physical meeting space and everything happens online. So,there is no need to travel, there is less out–of–office time and there is an opportunity for learners to attend from any location, anywhere in the world. And CloudRooms ensures that learners still experience the same levels of interactivity as they do in a traditional classroom.

Whether you’re from:

  • An organisation looking for ways to make savings whilst still providing training to your staff
  • or

  • A training company wondering how to implement virtual learning

CloudRooms™ can provide you with the answers you need. As one company who uses Commelius Solutions CloudRooms states,“Working with virtual classrooms, we quickly realised we could train three staff for what it would previously have cost us to train one team member with face to face classroom training. We got started straight away and are now using this approach more and more.”

CloudRooms™ is:

  • Learning effective – interactive, hands-on and delivered in bite sized units
  • Cost effective – instructor-led training without the travel and hotel expenses
  • Time effective – dramatically reduce time out of work

Free whitepaper: 10 steps to design and deliver virtual learning that works

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Maximise the impact of

Instead of delivering training courses that last days at a time, we believe in delivering training in bite-sized units.

Management reports

CloudRooms™ enables line managers, budget holders and the L&D team to access management reports and information to monitor learner progress and track attendance levels.

Interactive approach

CloudRooms™ classes are more interactive than traditional classrooms and include whiteboard exercises, demonstrations and hands-on practical exercises. Learners can talk, and collaborate, with the instructor and with other students.

Dedicated learner portal

Our CloudRooms portal makes delivering, administering and attending virtual classes easy.

Live labs

CloudRooms™ facilitates access to live lab environments for learners to get hands-on with their new skills and complete practical exercises to ensure they are applying their new knowledge correctly.

Expert mentoring and

Outside of class, students can network and chat or arrange one-to-one coaching sessions.